IDUN group photo 2019

About IDUN

The center for Intelligent Drug delivery and sensing Using microcontainers and Nanomechanics (IDUN) is a center of excellence funded by the Danish National Research Foundation and the Villum Foundation. The center is divided into two parts: IDUN Drug and IDUN Sensor, focusing on drug delivery and nanomechanical sensors, respectively.

With the two main research areas in close contact at the center, IDUN explores the great synergy between sensor development and search for new pharmaceutical tools and materials. IDUN Sensor gets, through IDUN Drug, access to unique polymers and biomolecules. Through IDUN Sensor, IDUN Drug is able to characterize, among others, small volumes of materials and molecules, which are today not possible to analyze by any standard technologies. By maintaining and strengthening the coupling between sensor and material development, IDUN creates a unique international environment with high creativity across scientific borders.